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What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are signs with a three-dimensional effect. The letters may be mounted on a wall or attached to a raceway, which is a box that is used to suspend the letters in front of a wall. The letters are usually illuminated with neon or an LED light source. A professional company can provide complete assistance with sign installation & repair services.


A channel letter has an internal channel with back and side sections that are usually covered by a transparent front, such as an acrylic face. The letters may be illuminated from the front, the back or simultaneously from the front and back. The reverse-illuminated letters have a halo effect because the light glows behind the letters. The letters could also have an open channel, which would display the neon tubes without an acrylic face.


Signs are important for advertising because businesses rely upon patronage. The channel letters are more prominent than traditional printed letters that have been painted on signs. Customers will have access to more distinctive signs that denote the location of an office building or provide information about a product. The channel letter signs enable a company to improve connections with customers.


The illuminated signs must be connected to a power source. The letters are attached with bolts to a wall or raceway, which has an independent box for a power source. A channel letter may have a special requirement for an incoming current that is controlled by a transformer. Neon channel letters usually require a step-up transformer. The LED channel letters typically need a step-down transformer. A sign company can handle any specific requirements.


Channel letters should be clean, visible and illuminated. The power source and connections must be regularly inspected for damage, especially after storms or other violent weather conditions. A sign company can provide assistance with maintenance services. The acrylic faces should be cleaned with an extremely soft cloth that will not scratch the acrylic. A solution of mild soap and water can be used to remove grease and grime. Traditional window cleaners may cause tiny cracks in the acrylic, which are known as craze cracks. Any damage to the channel letters could cause safety problems.


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